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I do this really weird thing where I obsess over things that I do not understand until I wear myself out. I think over whatever it may be as many times as I possibly can, and often come up with a bajillion conclusions. 
Humans are so undependable because emotions are so unpredictable.  But, as I have become accustomed to the uncertainty that I feel when encountering others, I have learned to enjoy the things that I did not see coming.  These unforeseen things may hurt me, they may crush my hopes, but some of them may fill me with joy and restore my hope. They may disappoint me and leave me crying until my eyes burn, but some of them can leave me laughing until I'm breathless or ending my day with a wide grin. 

There is beauty in God's plan and not knowing His plans because our God is a father who wants to give us the best things possible. We are constantly put in circumstances for our own benefit, but we never know for sure in what way we will benefit from them. He wants to g…