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My first semester of college has filled my heart to the brim.
I am filled with joy and peace.
I have never had many doubts as to whether God was real or not, and this past semester has only solidified how firmly I believe in His existence.
It is absolutely unquestionable that I am surrounded by His unfailing love every day.

Through amazing friends, kind strangers, and even gorgeous nature, I encounter God's love in a new way every day.
He has blessed me immeasurably and provided me with the grace and redemption to live life to the fullest.
Over the past semester, similar to my time in high school, there were moments when I failed to show appreciation for the forgiveness God has poured out over my life. Moments where I made the wrong choices. These moments, of course, did come with much consequence and sadness. However, college life is too quick for the sadness.
There is no time to dwell on the losses weighing your heart down.
Why would I want to waste this incredible experie…


"He (Jesus) was despised and rejected by people, one who experienced pain was acquainted with illness; people hid their faces from him; he was despised and we considered him insignificant." Isaiah 53:3
Jesus faced total rejection in the worst possible way, so when people say that Jesus has overcome the world believe it!!  He has experienced everything that we go through on Earth and he loves you and wants to help you through it.
"But he lifted up our illnesses, he carried our pain; even though we thought he was being punished, attacked by God, and afflicted for something he had done."  Isaiah 53:4
Our suffering is ALWAYS to help us become more like Jesus.  God uses our painful experiences to shape us and to better us. Jesus was perfect, He had no sin or flaw in Him that caused Him to be rejected, but He was still rejected, denied, abandoned, and betrayed.  He overcame loneliness, suffering, grief, and rejection because of His great faith. 
With prayer and faith, you c…

You Don't Know, but God Does

Let me begin this post with an apology.
 My life has been inconsistent, I have been dumb, and I may have caused people to doubt the goodness of the God that I love because of my hypocrisy. But, please, allow my hypocrisy to prove the generosity, the patience, and the forgiveness of the God that I so proudly love.

Wouldn't you expect God to punish those who have lived as hypocrites for their life choices?
Instead, He is consistently forgiving and loving towards them.
He understands their weaknesses because Jesus once lived on Earth and faced every single temptation known to man (John 16:33).

"God has given all people over to their stubborn ways so that he can show mercy to all."
Romans 11:32 reveals how God has allowed humans to be free to make mistakes. The mistakes they make are their fault, however, they have the choice to be humble and ask God for forgiveness.
 Your hypocrisy is totally temporary as long as you are aware of God's unending love and forgiveness that…

An Open Letter to the People who Tear Others Down

Dear reader,

You may read your bible. You may actively share scripture on social media accounts. However, reading your bible and being open about the scripture that you like does not make you perfect. Lower your expectations, please. Loving Jesus does not mean that you do not have bad habits. Loving Jesus does not mean that you think you're better than anyone. Loving Jesus does not mean that you think you are perfect or without flaw. Some people love Jesus because they know that they are broken and imperfect. Those people love Jesus because they are unable to do life without having faith in God. I'm sorry if you have ever misunderstood their intentions. I'm sorry if you have gotten the wrong impression because you only know them through gossip and social media. 
People turn to different things for comfort, because life on Earth sucks. Some people turn to sex, drugs, music, or art for comfort, while some people turn to God for comfort. Turning to God for comfort and pursuin…


I do this really weird thing where I obsess over things that I do not understand until I wear myself out. I think over whatever it may be as many times as I possibly can, and often come up with a bajillion conclusions. 
Humans are so undependable because emotions are so unpredictable.  But, as I have become accustomed to the uncertainty that I feel when encountering others, I have learned to enjoy the things that I did not see coming.  These unforeseen things may hurt me, they may crush my hopes, but some of them may fill me with joy and restore my hope. They may disappoint me and leave me crying until my eyes burn, but some of them can leave me laughing until I'm breathless or ending my day with a wide grin. 

There is beauty in God's plan and not knowing His plans because our God is a father who wants to give us the best things possible. We are constantly put in circumstances for our own benefit, but we never know for sure in what way we will benefit from them. He wants to g…

Being Misunderstood

There's a Christian song that I've been listening to lately that says, "deliver me from the need to be understood." This line has been sticking out to me because of the meaning behind it. 
We live in a world that promotes judgement. The sad thing is, judgement comes naturally to all humans, so we fall victim to the temptation to judge others. Therefore when people are judging you, rumors often arise, because these people do not know the whole truth about you. When you hear these rumors it can be such a slap in the face. It can be difficult to accept that people actually believe these things about you. It can lead to feelings of being trapped and victimized. But, hold on, let me remind you, you are an over-comer. You are not a victim. God created you to overcome the shallow rumors that are not true! God created you for huuuuuuumongous things. Your purpose is so unique and it was designed specifically for you by the man who created the whole world! Please, realize tha…

Give Yourself a Boost

I believe that confidence comes from an awareness of one's current position in life. 
I'm not talking about the kind of confidence that teenagers gain from posting a selfie that receives a lot of likes, or the confidence that teenagers feel when they have a hot date to an event, or even the confidence that they can feel from getting a good grade on a test that they studied super hard for. Don't get me wrong, these things do bring happiness and increase someone's idea of their worth, but how long do those kind of boosts last?
Realizing the condition that your life is in, understanding why your life is in that condition, and being honest about how life for you is, will provide a foundation for lasting confidence. When you learn more about where you are in life, you can learn more about yourself and those around you. You can learn what cycles and habits are causing the pain that you are facing so that you can learn to break the cycles and prevent further pain. You can le…