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Being Misunderstood

There's a Christian song that I've been listening to lately that says, "deliver me from the need to be understood." This line has been sticking out to me because of the meaning behind it. 
We live in a world that promotes judgement. The sad thing is, judgement comes naturally to all humans, so we fall victim to the temptation to judge others. Therefore when people are judging you, rumors often arise, because these people do not know the whole truth about you. When you hear these rumors it can be such a slap in the face. It can be difficult to accept that people actually believe these things about you. It can lead to feelings of being trapped and victimized. But, hold on, let me remind you, you are an over-comer. You are not a victim. God created you to overcome the shallow rumors that are not true! God created you for huuuuuuumongous things. Your purpose is so unique and it was designed specifically for you by the man who created the whole world! Please, realize tha…