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If People Were Books

You're the mysterious book on the highest shelf of the darkest room that my friends told me not to read, but I childishly and selfishly stood on my tiptoes and reached for you until you fell into my lap. Though when I finally got to hold you, you continually refused to open up to me. You remained shut tightly regardless of how hard I tugged at your cover.
All I wanted was to read what you thought and how you felt. 
I wanted to read you from your beginning to your ending.
I wanted to read about the occasions that left you feeling like you could fly. I wanted to read about what had hurt you enough to leave you seeming troubled all the time. I wanted to read about every point in time that you laughed so hard you cried. I wanted to read about the moments that broke you down to discovering where you wanted to go in life.
Maybe I wanted to help you write an ending, or maybe I simply wanted to see if you were worth reading. 
But if people were books, I wish I would've only skimmed yo…