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Attachment Theory

It's so hard to decide what you want from life when everything that you've bravely admitted to desiring has disappeared or changed almost instantaneously. Some things settle heavy on your heart when you realize that you want them because you can't see it ending well. It's terrifying when you get lost in someone's lips, when your tangled thoughts all seem to fade away just from their simple touch, when your veins grow accustomed to the adrenaline pulsing through you the same exact way that traffic constantly pulses through highway 401. Your world becomes almost dependent on the new distraction, so you tell yourself that walking away from the irrational situation would be the wrong choice to make. After much coaxing and reassurance, it becomes easier to trust the circumstance that you're so scared to wish for. Feelings, inevitably, begin to develop as impulses are foolishly acted on. When the rush of the new experience calms down, your feelings hit you. That'…