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Words are a beautiful gift, yet an intensely powerful weapon. If you say one thing that improves someones awful day they will never forget it, but if you say something negative they'll forget it within five seconds and only remember that you were rude to them. It's always the best when you can secretly use your words past your bed time to cheer a close friend up or express your feelings to someone that you care about. Those moments are a personal favorite and make memories that stay close to my heart. It's hard to forget words. They have such an incredible effect. They are so, so strong. Words have the strength to build mountains and tear down skyscrapers. Some words are strung together to create alluring spells while others form destructive bombs. Some words are left unsaid, haunting us when we can't sleep at night. Pushing us to ask others for that person's number since you deleted it when you "deleted" them from your life. Use your words while you can…