Why Listen?

We were not designed to fit into the character that society develops for us based on their assumptions.
It's insanely easy to forget this. We find ourselves feeling pressure to meet the expectations of those around us. We fall into habits that we are either proud of, or more commonly, ashamed of. But we feel so discouraged to break those habits because we hear what people think of us, what they say about us, and what they expect of us because of the choices that we've made. When people lower their opinions of us, we lower our own judgement of ourselves as well. We fall so far into the pattern of making the wrong choices to please the wrong people because we don't see the point in doing the right thing anymore. "Everyone thinks I'm going to _______, so why not do it anyways?" We think that they're going to call us a hypocrite for changing our patterns, we think that they won't want us around anymore if we change, or sometimes we don't believe in our ability to change because no one else around us seems to. 
You should open your eyes to where the negativity around you is coming from or what you're doing to feed that negativity. Also, open your eyes to those that are taking time to understand and love you through your wrong choices. Find the ones that are looking to support you and help you out of your bad habits, instead of the ones that are encouraging you to make choices that are tearing you down. 
Focus on the fact that when you're alone & disappointed in the choices you've made, those people running their mouths to express assumptions about you do not care how you feel. They're not going home at night thinking, "Oh wow I wonder if they're going to do that again? I hope these choices aren't hurting them. I hope that they don't hear all the trash we've been saying about them." They're going home thinking about themselves. They're not attempting to understand your life and your choices, they're just looking to talk about someone else's wrongs instead of their own. 
You need to let go of all the opinions placed on you by people that do not know you. If it hurts you, don't dwell on it. & If they do know you and they're talking about you in an unkind manner, it's best to confront them or drop them. You know yourself better than anyone else. Find the motivation to do things for yourself because you're the only one that you're always going to have. Find the encouragement to do things to make yourself proud of who you are. 
People are always going to talk and negative things are always going to be said, but that doesn't mean you have to listen. 

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